The main goals of the F.R.E.E. Madeira Initiative

Areas of Focus

For the first time in its history, Madeira is not bound by its geographic location and can fight in the same global arena as all other jurisdictions. It’s the government’s goal to introduce Madeira as a worldwide reference for the new digital future, and the aim is to make our archipelago a leader in technology and quality of life. With Bitcoin emerging as the actual base layer foundation for the exchange of value around the world, F.R.E.E. Madeira will assist the government with this task. The association will focus on the following areas:


F.R.E.E. Madeira is a non-profit organization focused on Bitcoin adoption and education in the region. The organization will help everyone on the island with the transition to the new monetary paradigm, from retailers to politicians, as well as the man on the street. We believe that this revolution in money is inevitable and that local initiatives such as F.R.E.E.  Madeira will be crucial in making the transition smoother. Bitcoin adoption IS technology adoption. Our future internet will be built upon this fascinating new base layer of value, and those regions that embrace this new reality early on will become the Silicon Valleys of the future.


Even though F.R.E.E. Madeira is a non-profit organization, we intend to stick around for a long time. For this to be possible, some of us will be on a steady payroll, and the organization will need to generate a cash flow. F.R.E.E. Madeira will offer educational services and consulting for clients of every level of initial knowledge to explore the Bitcoin rabbit hole alongside the people of Madeira.

Attracting Bitcoiners and Bitcoin Businesses to the Island

Making Madeira more attractive to Bitcoiners and Bitcoin businesses is one of the main goals of the organization. We believe that focusing on the island's semi-autonomy and Portugal's liberal internet laws can attract people and companies to the region. Together we'll make Madeira a beacon of freedom and self-sovereignty in Europe.