About Us

André Loja is a native Madeiran, father of four, serial entrepreneur, and founder of the F.R.E.E. Madeira initiative.  He manages a whole bunch of companies on the island, ranging from real estate to running a coworking space.
Knut Svanholm is a Bitcoin author, educator, and armchair philosopher. His first book, Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics, is considered to be one of the classics in the space and is a recommended read on the subject on many educational sites, including MicroStrategy's Bitcoin site hope.com. He is also known for coining the meme (and penning the book) Everything divided by 21 million. ​​​​​​​
Daniel Prince is a Financial Markets veteran with 18 years of experience in Foreign Exchange Markets. Having retired at the age of 37, he and his wife took their 4 children out of school to travel the world and forge a new way of living. Daniel’s book ‘Choose Life’ chronicles his family's decision-making process and the practicalities of making huge life changes. Daniel has been studying bitcoin since 2015 and hosts the Once Bitten podcast. 
Niko Laamanen is a bitcoin educator, running the first bitcoin-only publishing house that has accepted lightning payments since 2019. Based in Madeira, hellbent on a mission to make bitcoin knowledge accessible to everyone, in every country, in every language. Working to make bitcoin payments the standard for all merchants on Madeira.

Paulo Vieira

Paulo Vieira is a Corporate Finance consultant with extensive experience in business consulting, financial management, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, project management, and incentives. He began his career in a financial institution as a Credit Analyst, having later held roles as manager of a portfolio of corporate clients. He was CFO in a business group linked to real estate development and is currently performing functions as a Manager and financial advisor in a wide universe of public and private business units.

Lucinda Castro

Lucinda Castro was born in Madeira and is a lawyer. She started her career in one of the top three Law Firms in Portugal working in finance and corporate law. After a few years, she started working in a financial institution dealing with bank credit (both mortgage and consumer as well as bankruptcy proceedings) and being responsible for the procuring of more than 700 (seven hundred) judicial proceedings. During this time, also provided legal advice regarding commercial law, bankruptcy law, real property law, contracts law and taking part in companies’ recovery transactions, including executing and reviewing its contracts. Later Lucinda had also a two-year experience as legal advisor for the Vice Presidency of the Madeira Autonomous Region. More recently she started dealing with real estate and is presently taking her master’s in public law, having it as an area of expertise.

Paulo Pereira

Paulo Pereira is a Macro addict economist (Austrian perspective) who tries to help people increase their freedom and wealth. As a professional he co-owns and co-runs a leading Corporate Finance boutique company in Madeira after a career in commercial banking (private and corporate) and senior financial management of several regional and nationwide companies in real estate, rent a car, car dealership, hotels, sports and software development with general management experiences in some of them.

Pablo Fernandez

Pablo Fernandez is an Argentinian software engineer, former ‘Head of R&D’ at Sanity Island, advisor to ‘ego death capital,’ and most recently, developer of a number of projects on the Nostr protocol.
Jeff Booth is a visionary leader who has lived at the forefront of technology change for 20 years. He led BuildDirect, a technology company that aimed to simplify the building industry, for nearly two decades through the dot-com meltdown, the 2008 financial crisis, and many waves of technological disruption. He is also the author of "The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future".
Greg has spent over thirty years in financial markets with a focus on trading high yield credit. He has worked on both the sell-side of the street (TD Securities) and the buy-side having been Managing partner of Credit Strategies at a successful hedge fund team during the great financial crisis in 2008/09. He was a founding shareholder at 3IQ, one of Canada’s largest digital asset managers, and is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at ONEFUND LLC.
Lawrence is a long-time advocate for “sound money” and manages a Fund which focuses on hard money investing. With a 45-year background in venture capital and money management, his Fund has a large presence in Bitcoin and in gold and silver mining equities. He views gold as analog sound money and Bitcoin as digital sound money.  He expects Bitcoin to surpass gold but it will take time.  He is working hard to accelerate the return of our system to a “sound money standard” and believes that we must “Fix the Money to Fix the World”.
Obi is a full time Bitcoin advocate. His passion for Bitcoin began as the CEO and co-founder of the UK Bitcoin-only Exchange Coinfloor which he ran for nearly 8 years until it was sold in late 2021. He continues to support initiatives that advance the Bitcoin ecosystem and make owning and using Bitcoin easy for everyone. Obi is a board member for ₿trust, a not-for profit organisation originally conceived by Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z to fund the location, education, and remuneration of Bitcoin developers from untapped parts of the world, starting with Africa.
Troy Cross is a Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College and a Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. Cross’s philosophical research interests center on foundational issues in metaphysics and epistemology, but has also been involved in bitcoin for over a decade, cultivating expertise in a number of bitcoin-related issues in that time, most of all, the question of bitcoin mining’s impact on energy systems and the environment.
Samson is CEO of Pixelmatic, the development studio behind Infinite Fleet, as well as the CEO of JAN3, a new Bitcoin technology company with a mission to accelerate hyperbitcoinization. Samson is known for his work on El Salvador's Bitcoin strategy, and nation-state Bitcoin adoption in general. Samson was previously the CSO at Blockstream, a leading provider of Bitcoin infrastructure. Before joining Blockstream, Samson was the COO of BTCC, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges and mining pools in the world. At BTCC, Samson oversaw the day-to-day operations of the company and directly managed the exchange and mining pool business units.
Gigi is the author of 21 Lessons, a popular book about lessons learned from falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. His writing tries to illuminate Bitcoin from multiple angles, using metaphors from biology, physics, and other disciplines. He is the creator and maintainer of bitcoin-resources.com, a comprehensive list of curated books, articles, podcasts, podcast episodes, and other resources that help to provide a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin. In 2019 he launched the German-speaking Bitcoin podcast "Einundzwanzig" with one of his co-hosts which turned into a bitcoin-only movement that now spans multiple countries. Before falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, he was a software engineer leading multiple development teams and deploying critical large-scale apps—some with millions of users. He holds a Master's degree in computer science and is passionate about security, privacy, the internet, and of course, Bitcoin. When he's not shitposting on Twitter, he is working on one of his many projects, his upcoming book 21 Ways among them.
Max Hillebrand contributes to numerous open-source projects, including Wasabi Wallet, Bitcoin Core, BTCPay Server, JoinMarket, LND, and BISQ. His focus is to establish a second realm with a sound monetary economy, empowering sovereign individuals to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits.
Peter Young is the managing director of the Free Cities Foundation. He helps cities to establish voluntarist governance structures that enable citizens to live freer and more prosperous lives. Peter sees bitcoin as the economic foundation that will allow networks of Free Cities to trade, cooperate and thrive.
Content creator Pleb Music focuses on Bitcoin education and showcasing the Bitcoin industry to the mainstream. He furthers Bitcoin learning through work with the Looking Glass as well as Bitcoin shows. Laser-focused on pushing for hyperbitcoinization, Pleb Music has worked with Saifedean Ammous, author of the Bitcoin Standard, Bitcoin Magazine, Valkyrie Investments, and many more.
Aaron is a human being based in Germany who co-produced and directed the Bitcoin documentary "Human B". He works as a freelance filmmaker with experience in documentary, music & commercial projects. His motivation is to bring high production value into the Bitcoin space because "film" is a medium that has the power to reach human beings on emotional levels and to turn complex concepts into simple visual messages. He's currently working for Bitcoin Magazine Studios producing new series around Bitcoin & freedom.
Joe is a research and interview journalist who reports and presents for Cointelegraph. A polyglot with a penchant for Bitcoin based adventures in Africa, Joe has been labelled a ‘pretentious blogger’, a ‘poor man’s Alex Gladstein’ and an ‘ex-Bloomberg FUD spreader.’ 
Joe’s mission is to raise awareness about Bitcoin among those who need it most and shine a light on Bitcoin as a force for good in the world. 
​​​​​​​Rob Brinded has spent the past 25 years helping people take back control of their lives, either clearing physical pain or removing blocks that were making them feel stuck in their lives. He also works with professional sports people, world-class entertainers, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives who need to perform at their peak on demand. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life who are seeking answers as to why they feel stuck or unhappy in life or are ill or in pain. He is the creator and founder of MeditationOS school.